Friday, March 29, 2013

YourTurn Soccer

YourTurn Soccer is a turn based online table soccer simulation.

You can play with people online or with a friend using NFC. Games with random opponents are ranked so make sure to fight really hard for a place in the top!

Each turn both you and your opponent will be able to apply forces to your players and the ball if it is at a certain proximity. When both of you press play the physics simulation will take place and both players strategy will be tested in the field. The first player to score 3 goals wins the match.

You can log in with Google+ or Facebook to save your ranking between installs and different devices.

This is an independent game, developed with great passion but with very limited resources. We plan to provide  updates based on user feedback. You can help us by donating with an in-game purchase, sharing the game with your friends and by giving us your precious feedback and suggestions. Thank you!

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